Fever Blisters Ulcers

Discover Rapid Relief: Effective Treatment for Fever Blisters and Ulcers at Smiley Dental Beverly

At Smiley Dental Beverly, which serves Beverly and the surrounding Massachusetts communities of Ipswich, Essex, Peabody, Salem, Wenham, Hamilton, Newburyport, Manchester-by-the-sea, and Gloucester, you may discover unmatched Root canal procedure expertise. Improve your dental experience with our top-notch treatments and individualized attention that is catered to your particular requirements.

Combating Oral Discomfort: Our Advanced Treatment Solutions

Are you sick of putting up with the pain of fever, blisters and ulcers? You only need to look at Smiley Dental Beverly. Our knowledgeable staff members offer thorough treatment solutions that target the underlying cause of your teeth discomfort by utilizing the most recent methods and technological advancements.

Why Opt for Beverly Smiley Dental?

  • Professionals with Experience: We have a team of dentists experts who are committed to remaining current with the newest developments in oral healthcare. You may put your trust in our knowledge and dedication to giving you the best treatment possible.
  • Kind Approach: We recognize that managing mouth discomfort can cause stress and suffering. Because of this, we treat each patient with kindness, understanding, and compassion, making sure that you always feel taken care of and supported during your treatment process.
  • All-inclusive Solutions: We provide all-inclusive solutions that are customized to meet your unique needs, from diagnosis to treatment and aftercare. We have the knowledge and tools to assist you in achieving the best possible oral health, whether you need medication, topical treatments, or preventive measures.
  • Patient-Centered Philosophy: You are treated as a cherished member of our dental family at Smiley Dental Beverly, not just as a patient. At every stage of your oral treatment, we put your comfort, contentment, and general health first, working hard to go above and beyond your expectations.

Feel the Advantages

  • Fast Healing: In order to get you back to enjoying life without mouth discomfort, our treatments are made to hasten the healing process.
  • Improved dental Health: With our all-inclusive treatments, bid farewell to tooth pain and welcome better smile health generally.
  • Regaining Confidence: Smile without the limitations of fever blisters and ulcers to regain your confidence.
  • Comprehensive Care: To avoid recurrence and advance long-term oral health, our staff at our clinic treats the underlying causes of fever blisters and ulcers in addition to treating their symptoms.
  • Minimal Disruption: By using our quick relief options, you may reduce the amount of time that mouth discomfort interferes with your everyday activities and job. This will free up your time to concentrate on your activities, social life, and work.
  • Patient Education: By providing our patients with information about preventative care and dental health, we are empowering them. Our staff will give you insightful advice on how to keep up good oral hygiene and stop further outbreaks.
  • Convenient Location: With our oral office conveniently located in Beverly, Massachusetts, patients from nearby towns like Ipswich, Essex, Peabody, Salem, Wenham, Hamilton, Newburyport, Manchester-by-the-sea, Gloucester, and more can get high-quality dental care without having to travel far.

Sustain Dental Health: Advice for Long-Term Well-Being

  • Remain Consistent: To maintain a clean and healthy mouth, follow a regular brushing and flossing schedule.
  • Hydrate Frequently: Throughout the day, sip lots of water to keep your mouth moist.
  • Watch Your Diet: Steer clear of acidic or spicy meals, which can aggravate teeth irritation.
  • Handle Stress: To reduce outbreaks, include stress-reduction strategies in your everyday routine.

Our Path to Oral Comfort and Confidence Begins Here!

Our goal at Smiley Dental Beverly is to give you the treatment you deserve and the relief you require. Don’t let fever blisters and ulcers prevent you from moving on. Please make an appointment with our knowledgeable staff in Beverly, Ipswich, Essex, Peabody, Salem, Wenham, Hamilton, Newburyport, Manchester-by-the-sea, Gloucester, and adjacent Massachusetts areas now to see the positive impact they may have on your general health and oral hygiene. Say hello to a happier, healthier smile with us.


To keep your teeth and gums healthy, it is important to schedule regular checkups and dental cleanings. The American Dental Association (ADA) advises adult patients to visit the dentist at least once every six months. Regular dental cleanings remove stains and plaque buildup, preventing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect the jaw to the skull bone. When these joints are strained, used excessively, or otherwise damaged, pain when moving the jaw or limited jaw mobility may occur. When this happens, patients are said to suffer from TMJ dysfunction or TMD.

We are happy to process and file claims for most major dental insurance providers. We are in-network with a variety of PPO benefit plans and MassHealth.

Yes. Dental decay can occur as soon as children have teeth. Dental decay progresses faster in children, so it is recommended x-rays occur on a regular basis as prescribed by the dentist.

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  • reduces risks of tooth decay and cavities
  • Reduces the risk of gum disease
  • Removes stains
  • Freshens your breath
  • Improves your overall health

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